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Main Topics

  • The Future of the Health Systems – The impossible meeting: Insurance health Economy 2044
  • Please, I need a new liver and a new heart!!
    – Artificial Organs
    – Organ on chips
    – The future of organoids in medicine
  • Neurotechnologies and Neurorights
  • The connected patient
  • Virtual fully robotized operating theaters: Healing micro robots
  • Artificial Intelligence: Will my doctor be a robot in the next future?
  • Modulating the human Genoma to fight diseases will be the rule
    – Advanced genome repairing in humans
    – Paleogenomics and Human Evolution
  • Microbiota drugs for all
  • Towards the bionic human
  • The clean air
  • Space Medicine
    Can we give cancer the boot and forget about it? From one size fits all, to precision medicine
  • Towards the immortality: Xenolithic and aging. Redefining aging
  • Evolutionary eating and exercise: from Neanderthal to Modern Man 2044
  • The fight against Multiresistence bugs. Lab-developed microbes to fight microbial drug resistance
  • Cyber security and health system
  • The best therapy of cancer is prevention or at least early detection
  • 1918 (Spanish flu) , 2019 (Covid), the next pandemia will emerge much sooner! (Or is on its way!)
  • Ophthalmology: I can see much better
  • The cure of diabetes 

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