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Welcome Note



We are excited to announce that we will be hosting Medicine 2044 in Saragossa, Spain on January 30-31, 2025.


Medicine 2040 was a smashing success. Medicine 2042 congress exceeded all expectations with >1,000 delegates, 215 Faculty members and Noble Prize Laureates.


We continue to anticipate how medicine will look like in decades to come. Healthcare involves more than just medicine and life science research; the wider world plays a huge part in influencing, and changing, the way modern healthcare works.


Our world-renowned faculty from all the fields of research and medicine will discuss how medical innovation will transform future healthcare worldwide. The unique program will include keynote speakers covering cross-disciplinary knowledge in the fields of engineering, space, biology, environment, anthropology, mathematics, politics and humanities.


We look forward to welcoming you to Medicine 2044 in Saragossa, Spain


Prof. Nadir Arber, Israel & Prof. Angel Lanas, Spain

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