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Session Titles


  • The Future of the Health Systems 
  • The next pandemia is not going to wait 100 years
  • Can we give cancer the boot and forget about it?
  • Who is smarter? Nature? AI? Or human wisdom? Can we make a better genome?
  • The connected patient. The big brother is watching!!!
  • HIV 2044: A forgotten disease
  • IBD 2044: Clearance, cure or medical history
  • The fight against multi-resistance bugs
  • Ophthalmology: I can see much better
  • Towards the bionic human
  • Viral Hepatitis: from a to z; it is easy to cure and prevent
  • Who is going to win? Artificial Intelligence or human wisdom?: Will my doctor be a robot in the next future?
  • Towards the immortality or it is boring to live so long
  • Cybersecurity and Health care
  • Microbiota drugs for all?
  • Nanomedicine: Is it time to swallow your doctor?
  • Dermatology Session
  • Space Medicine
  • Please, I need a new liver and a new heart!!
  • The Clean Air
  • Virtual fully robotized operating theaters. Healing micro-robots
  • Teaching science to the Z 0.83 Generation
  • The cure of diabetes
  • Advanced Interventional Endoscopy: No more surgery?
  • Evolutionary Eating and Exercise: From Neanderthal to Modern Man
  • The Comprehensive Cancer Biology Center

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